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17 September, 2019

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SafetyBus p hops aboard Ethernet bandwagon

01 June, 2006

SafetyBus p hops aboard Ethernet bandwagon

The SafetyBus p technology launched by Pilz in 1999 is joining the trend towards Ethernet-based industrial communications technologies. It has been reborn as SafetyNet p - a flexible, open system that brings together safety-related, standard control and motion control technologies.

"We will keep with our philosophy of openness, so that users are not constricted in how they implement their systems," says Pilz`s managing partner, Renate Pilz. "What`s more, we are protecting our customers` investment by making SafetyNet p totally compatible with existing SafetyBus p applications."

SafetyNet p has a real-time-capability, allowing it to be used for demanding applications such as controlling multi-axis drives installations.

The new system can scan the topology of a complete architecture, making it easier to identify the network structure, and provides users with status diagnostics on their plant and machinery, as well as information on the status of the communications links.

SafetyNet P supports flexible topologies and structures, making it adaptable to different applications. It is also highly decentralised, transferring controller intelligence locally to the field level, which is said to boost performance and make the system more flexible.

SafetyNet p can be implemented in parallel with other industrial Ethernet protocols such as EtherNet/IP or Profinet.

SafetyBus p Club international has renamed itself Safety Network International and will in future encompass SafetyNet p as well as SafetyBus p.

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