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3 December, 2020

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Motion profile will support 100 axes on standard Ethernet

01 June, 2006

Motion profile will support 100 axes on standard Ethernet

ODVA - formerly the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association - has published a motion drive profile that establishes the technical foundations for implementing multi-axis, synchronised motion control on EtherNet/IP. The profile covers a variety of drives types, from variable frequency drives to high-performance servo drives, and will allow the use of a standard Ethernet switched infrastructure.

"The CIP Motion technology represents a significant technological advancement for users of network communications on the factory floor and applications requiring deterministic, real-time, closed-loop motion control," says ODVA executive director, Katherine Voss. "CIP Motion stands alone as the single industrial Ethernet solution using standard, unmodified Ethernet that can support as many as 100 axes in as little time as 1ms."

CIP Motion allows other devices, such as HMIs or distributed I/O, to be integrated with motion controls and drives on a single network. ODVA says it will deliver lower system costs, improved system performance, as well as eliminating the costs and complexity of special-purpose motion networks.

In the latest edition of its EtherNet/IP specification (1.2), ODVA has also published the specification for CIP Sync that will allow users to synchronise devices, including motion axes, based on time, rather than events. This approach is said to allow a more flexible, scalable network architecture, ideal for large-scale motion systems. It can deliver clock synchronisation between devices of ±100ns.

The first products supporting CIP Motion are expected to reach the market next year.

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