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17 May, 2024

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Control modules can be programmed from the Web

01 August, 1999

Control modules can be programmed from the Web

Crouzet asserts that its latest development heralds "a new era in control engineering solutions". The device is an integrated, programmable controller called Millenium (and spelled this way), designed to replace complicated arrays of relays, timers, counters and switches.

The controller can be programmed either using eight pushbuttons on its front panel, or by plugging in a PC and downloading pre-prepared programmes. Customisable programmes can be downloaded from Crouzet`s Web site. Alternatively, memory cassettes loaded with a programme can be plugged into a dedicated port.

The Millenium controller is programmed in plain English (or one of four other European languages) using a package called Visual Logic that runs under Windows NT or 95. Schematics of programming sequences are created by dragging and dropping icons or function blocks on the PC screen. The process is said to be intuitive.

There are three models, ranging in capacity from four inputs and two outputs to 12 inputs and eight outputs. The two larger models are available in AC and DC versions, the latter accepting both analogue and digital inputs. All operate off 24V DC or 100-240V AC.

The controllers measure 99mm high by 55mm deep and are 72mm or 125mm wide, depending on the model. They can be panel-mounted or fixed to a DIN rail.

Crouzet foresees the Millenium modules being used to control conveyor systems and production machines, to control and monitor continuous processes, and to set up and run alarm sequences. Other potential applications include vending machines, home automation, information displays, and stage and screen effects.

The modules have been designed to meet a variety of standards including IEC 1131, EN60730, and to comply with the EMC and Low Voltage directives.

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