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14 June, 2024

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Hydraulic shock absorbers cut the bounce

01 January, 2000

Hydraulic shock absorbers cut the bounce

Many mechanical stopping devices store energy rather than dissipating it. The moving items bounce back causing stress that can lead to fatigue and possibly to failures.

Hepco claims to have overcome this problem with a range of hydraulic shock absorbers that match the speed and mass of the moving object bringing it to rest with no shock.

Unlike cylinder cushioning or dashpots, the SH shock absorbers are said to dissipate the energy at a uniform rate, reducing stopping times. Most of the energy is dissipated as heat.

The controlled deceleration is achieved using a matrix of holes in a high pressure inner tube through which oil is metered as the piston rod moves through its stroke. As this happens, the velocity decreases steadily, requiring the use of different hole patterns to maintain constant pressure.

The oil displaced by the piston rod is held in a closed-cell, sponge-like material. Hepco claims that the shock absorbers will extend machine life, allow higher operating speeds and production levels, reduce stress levels on system components, cut noise levels, and lower design and assembly costs.

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