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30 November, 2023

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New control algorithm cuts servo settling time `by 90%`

01 February, 2000

New control algorithm cuts servo settling time `by 90%`

Mitsubishi has launched a servo with that uses a new control algorithm designed to reduce settling time sharply and to ensure stable performance even at speeds as low as 0.5 rpm.

The Melservo-H has an output of 5-22kW, 11-105Nm, considerably extending the company`s servo range from its previous top rating of 3.5kW . The servo uses both auto-tuning, to eliminate manual tuning, and an absolute positioning system to retain position data even with the power switched off so that there is no need to return to a home position at power-up.

Mitsubishi claims that the control algorithm will reduce the time needed for the servo to settle on a defined position by 90%, to around 10ms. The algorithm works in conjunction with a high-resolution serial encoder to provide a positioning resolution of 0.022 degrees and a high-speed feed of 49m/min in feed units of 1µm.

The encoder is offered as standard for applications requiring high-speed positioning, such as robotics and parts assembly tasks. The auto-tuning function constantly re-optimises the servo`s internal gain settings, even under widely fluctuating loads such as those found in looms, robots and winding applications. An optional parameter display with a 52-character readout can be used to set, copy and monitor parameters, and for troubleshooting.

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