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10 April, 2024

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Digital servo targets cam profiling

01 April, 2000

Digital servo targets cam profiling

Parker Hannifin`s electromechanical division (EMD) has launched a digital 1kVA servo controller as a rival to precision mechanical positioners for multi-axis synchronisation.

The Compax 1000SL is designed to operate from a single phase 230V AC supply and to provide a drive amplifier peak output current of 5A. It accommodates standard three-phase brushless servomotors using sinusoidal commutation with a suitable resolver.

A dual-processor architecture provides a host processor to handle I/O, while an application-specific digital signal processor (DSP) performs computationally-intensive tasks, such as current loop control and real-time evaluation of encoder and resolver data.

The DSP provides data on motion profiles, external moments of inertia and instantaneous motor currents. This facilitates synchronisation of multi-axis systems and motion control functions, such as on-the-fly switching between different cam profiles.

The controller and drive can be configured via application-specific firmware including cam control, electronic gearing, rotary table control and synchronous positioning. The package can be controlled directly from a computer, or can operate semi-autonomously using an internal motion control program.

"We are targetting Compax at industries such as packaging, print and paper, food and beverage, robotics, assembly automation, and wood converting and treatment," says Helmut Fortscher, marketing manager for Parker Hannifin EMD.

"It will find applications in positioning, electronic gearing, winding, dosing, synchronisation, replacement of mechanical components, and continuous path and contouring."

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