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1 March, 2024

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Europe`s Eff1 efficiency rating is `too conservative`

01 June, 2006

Europe`s Eff1 efficiency rating is `too conservative`

Baldor has launched a new range of extra-high-efficiency motors, some of which exceed the efficiencies of Europe`s top Eff1 rating by 2%.

"We now view Europe`s existing motor energy efficiency standards as too conservative, helping to confuse users and keeping inefficient products in use," says Baldor`s Andrew Stephenson. "Australasia and North America are showing Europe just what is possible in this area.

"We urgently need to raise the bar," he adds, "and believe that Eff1 is the minimum standard for most continuous processes and heavy-duty applications. With this launch we have also introduced a higher efficiency level, to offer a truly optimum solution."

The new range, called Metric-E+, achieves energy efficiency levels of up to 96.3%. It spans 17 power ratings from 4-200 kW (frame sizes D112M-D315M), with a choice of three speeds at each rating - 950, 1450 or 2,850 rpm. In each case, users can choose from standard Eff1 efficiencies or Baldor`s "Eff1+" option.

Maximum full-load efficiencies for the Eff1+ machines start at 90.1% for a 4kW motor and go up to 95.8% at 90kW (the top of the Eff1 labelling scheme), continuing to 96.3% at 200 kW. Comparative Eff1 figures for the same motors are 88.5% at 4kW and 95.1% at 90kW.

The higher efficiency levels are achieved by a combination of techniques including: adding more copper to the windings; upgrading the laminations to a premium low-loss steel; enhancing the lamination designs; using precision air gaps between rotor and stator; and reducing fan and other losses.

The iron-frame motors run from 50Hz, 380-420V, three-phase supplies. They are also rated for use at 60Hz, 460 V and comply with US EPAct efficiency levels.

The motors are wound with a special magnet wire that makes them more resistant to the transient voltage spikes, high frequencies, and short rise-time pulses often produced by inverters. They can withstand peak voltages up to 1.6kV. The motors are balanced to reduce mechanical stresses, particularly on their bearings. Baldor is providing a three-year warranty.

The company is stocking all of the power ratings at its European logistics centre and claims that most European users can receive IEC frame motors within 48 hours - or on the same day, in some cases.

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