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30 May, 2024

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Linear motor `delivers 25% more force`

01 September, 2005

Linear motor `delivers 25% more force`

Aerotech has developed a low-profile linear motor which, it claims, delivers 25% more power than rival motors of a similar size. The company says that it has achieved the improved performance through a combination of a proprietary manufacturing process and iron-core laminations which produce more force for a given forcer coil length than traditional designs.

The BLMFS5 motors can deliver a continuous force of up to 377N, and a peak force of up to 1.5kN. The magnet tracks, containing rare-earth magnets, are stackable, allowing any travel length.

The motors are aimed at high-speed point-to-point motion applications that require high continuous and peak force ratings. The force generated by the steel laminations can be used as a bearing pre-load.

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