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16 September, 2019

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`Tiniest` inverters will keep going for ten years

01 January, 2007

`Tiniest` inverters will keep going for ten years

At the recent SPS/IPC/Drives show in Germany, Omron launched a major new range of inverters, claiming that they are the "world`s smallest compact inverters" and that they will deliver a service life of at least ten years.

The Yaskawa-developed V1000 inverters are festooned with patent-pending technologies covering areas such as on-line tuning, low-noise operation, a control terminal board which memorises parameter settings, and a function block diagram programming system.

The inverters, spanning ratings from 0.1-15kW, are said to be 40% smaller and to use 50% fewer mechanical parts than their predecessors, resulting in increased reliability and a predicted field-failure rate of less than 0.01%.

The drives use a sensorless current vector control technology which is said to deliver optimum speed control and high starting torques. The technique is based on measured values of the flux current, rather than estimated parameter values as used by some rival technologies such as voltage vector control.

The continuous auto-tuning system ensures that any temperature deviations large enough to affect the electrical parameters that determine motor speed, will be compensated for before the speed changes.

By reducing its carrier frequency, the V1000 can boost its output current by about 20%. In its standard constant-torque mode, the drive can handle 150% of its rated current for one minute. When operating in a variable-torque mode, it can handle 120% of the rated current for a minute.

Built-in dual safety inputs (to Category 3, EN 954-1) disconnect the motor at the first sign of trouble, avoiding the need for external contactors, and reducing wiring.

Key control parameters are stored on the drive`s terminal board so that, if a new drive is needed, it is configured automatically.

Other characteristics of the V1000 inverter include: alloy cooling fins that allow the drives to be mounted next to each other; screwless terminals; built-in EMC filters; a choice of bus communications protocols; and a 24V power supply option that will keep the CPU running if the power fails.

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