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12 July, 2024

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Siemens offers up to £700 to scrap inefficient motors

19 July, 2011

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologies (IA&DT) has announced a motor scrappage scheme to help UK users to ease the costs of adopting the EU’s MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard) scheme, which came into force on 16 June.

The new legislation prohibits the manufacture and sale of standard motors with efficiencies below the IE2 class (equivalent to the previous Eff1 classification). Siemens says it has launched the scrappage scheme to reduce the impact of the more costly IE2 motors on its customers.
Under the scheme – will run from 1 August to 31 December, 2011 – customers who buy a new Siemens IE2 motor from one of its network of ten UK partners, can claim a fixed allowance against an old LV motor from any manufacturer. The price paid for the old motor will range from £10 for a 1.5kW machine to £700 for a 315kW model. The partner will collect the scrap motor.

“We have launched the motor scrappage scheme to assist our customers in industry in dealing with this new legislation,” explains Andrew Peters, divisional director for Drive Technologies at IA&DT (above). “We are offering this unique opportunity for all new and existing customers and hope that – combined with the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme – it provides an opportunity for them to replace inefficient motors while reducing the payback period.
“Electric motors are responsible for up to 70% of energy use in industry,” he points out, “so it is clear that replacing the most inefficient motors can achieve tangible savings for our customers.”
Siemens’ has set up a Web page dedicated to the new scheme

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