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12 July, 2024

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Logic modules get an Ethernet link

12 May, 2011

Siemens has announced two logic modules equipped with Ethernet ports. Compared to the previous models in its Logo! family, the Logo!12/24 RCE (for DC supplies) and Logo!230 RCE (for AC) have twice the program capacity (400 function blocks), new macro functions, an SD card reader and datalogging functions.

Up to eight of the 108mm-wide modules (above) can be networked using Ethernet switches. They can be combined with PCs, PLCs or HMIs to provide new options for data storage, visualisation, remote online access servicing – or for operator prompting using touch technology.

The logic modules can be used in a master/master mode where each runs a separate program and they exchange data via Ethernet. In this mode, one master executes the program and uses the other modules for I/O expansion.

A super-capacitor buffers the real-time clock for 20 days if the power fails. Data can be stored on an SD memory card, which can also be used to copy programs.

New function blocks determine minimum and maximum values, generate mean values, or execute stopwatch functions. A new analogue filter minimises the influence of interfering pulses.

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