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28 November, 2023

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Motor pack gives scooters an extra kick

01 April, 2003

Motor pack gives scooters an extra kick

A Gloucestershire company, Aphid Designs, has developed a battery-and-motor pack that attaches onto a kick-scooter to propel it at speeds of around 30km/h, with a range of some 40km on a single battery charge. The device, called the Spingo, weighs just 4kg, and has a quick-release bracket, allowing it to be carried in a bag or rucksack.

The device uses a 150W motor supplied by maxon, which weighs just 480g. The motor`s output is boosted to 200W using a pulse width modulator. The 48V motor draws a no-load current of just 5mA, compared to the 500mA typically drawn by such a motor. It has an efficiency of up to 92% and uses graphite brushes because metal brushes would burn out in this type of application.

The Spingo, which can also be adapted to propel bicycles, costs £350, or £450 if a scooter is included..

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