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18 June, 2024

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Engineer MP welcomes the D&C Show

01 May, 2003

Engineer MEP welcomes the D&C Show to Birmingham

West Midlands MEP Malcolm Harbour, a qualified engineer, has sent the following message to the organisers of the Drives & Controls Exhibition which takes places at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre from 3-5 June:

"It is a great pleasure to welcome the Drives and Controls exhibition to the NEC. Your industry produces components and systems that are crucial to the future of high-technology manufacturing. As one of the few Members of Parliament who is a qualified engineer with manufacturing experience, I am all too well aware of the importance of your products to Europe`s future economic success.

"It is not an overestimate to say that Europe`s future in the global economy depends on high-technology manufacturing. This, in turn, requires investment in new products and new manufacturing techniques. High quality, competitive costs and `just in time` delivery must be the three cornerstones of a successful manufacturing company.

"Orders will be won in the global market by the right package of design, fast "time to market" and a supply chain that exactly matches the customers needs. Companies that are building up their computer-aided design, prototyping and tooling skills will gain a clear advantage. They will be ahead of the game in producing complex components, in a range of different materials and in the necessary product variety.

"I hope that all participants will be able to benefit from the chance to view an exciting range of new products, processes and services, and to apply the lessons in their own businesses."

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