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14 June, 2024

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Lease a drive without a deposit

01 June, 2003

Lease a drive without a deposit

Mitsubishi has introduced a no-deposit leasing scheme for variable speed drives and related equipment under the auspices of its new Melsmart Energy Centre. The idea is to tackle the problem faced by many managers who know where they could save energy, but cannot implement energy-savings schemes because of budget restrictions.

The Energy Centre`s manager, Chris Cusick, argues that if companies are happy to lease cars and IT equipment, they should also be prepared to lease industrial plant. Working with a partner called Electric Leasing, Mitsubishi has come up with a scheme under which it will lease not just its own equipment, but also the whole system into which it is built, including the installation costs. It is also offering a free three-year extended warrantee on any of its inverters supplied as part of the leasing arrangement.

Mitsubishi says it will look at each proposal individually and create a leasing arrangement that guarantees positive contributions for the users.

The Energy Centre has been set up as a "one-stop shop" for all energy matters, including audits, consultancy, finance and technology. It will provide a single point of contact for help and advice on energy matters. For areas where Mitsubishi does not have in-house expertise, it will bring in partners specialising in technologies such as lighting, refrigeration and compressed air.

Cusick stresses that the energy audits will err on the side of caution. "People will usually save more energy than they expected," he predicts.

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