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14 June, 2024

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Coreless motors `deliver twice the torque`

12 February, 2009

Portescap has developed a range of brushed DC motors with a coreless design claimed to deliver up to twice as much torque for the same operating current as conventional miniature DC motors. The Athlonix motors incorporate proprietary self-supporting coils said to result in maximum magnetic flux and turn densities for a given diameter.

According to Dr Udayan Senapati, Portescap’s brushed DC product manager, other motors with self-supporting coils have “inherent turn-density limitations that affect the magnetic flux density in the magnetic circuit, which limits the power output and endurance of the motor”.

The new motors operate with efficiencies of up to 91%, reducing heating problems that can affect other machines. “The heat loss from a motor is detrimental not only in terms of reduced efficiency, but it also degrades motor performance over the life of the motor,” says Senapati.

The Athlonix motors are available 12, 16 and 22mm diameter versions, weighing 15–53g and delivering outputs of up to 9W, continuous torque levels of up to 16.5mNm, and stall torques of up to 69mNm. No-load shaft speeds are up to 8,300 rpm and the motors span an operating voltage range of 3–48V.

The motors are available in the UK from Delta Line Europe

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