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11 June, 2024

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Wireless encoder link is tailored to motion controls

26 May, 2008

BEI Industrial Encoders has developed a wireless encoder interface which, it claims, is the first to be designed, from the ground up, for motion control applications. Unlike other wireless technologies such as WiFi, the new system, called Swiftcomm, has a rapid boot-up and transmission times, allowing it to interface easily with existing control systems and to provide robust, real-time communications

BEI SWiftcomm

Data is relayed between the transmitter and receiver – which can be located up to 300m apart outdoors, or 100m indoors – every 600ěs to minimise time lags. A frequency-hopping technology helps to avoid data interruptions caused by interference. A 40-bit security code programmed at the factory ensures that the transmitted data stays secure.

A patent-pending technology can overcome any data losses caused by link interruptions. If a packet of data is lost, it is filled based on historical data trends. When a valid packet is received, the system determines any accumulated errors and sends any corrections to the control system.

The Swiftcomm system can interface with any incremental encoder. According BEI – a Schneider Electric subsidiary – the system is easy to install. The 50mW transmitter is simply connected to an encoder, while the receiver is linked to a control system and power supply

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