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3 October, 2023

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PM-induction hybrid saves space and boosts efficiencies

22 April, 2008

At the recent Drives & Controls Show, Lafert Electric launched a motor that combines brushless permanent magnet (PM) and AC induction motor technologies to produce high-performance machines said to offer savings of up to 80% on running costs and to occupy much less space than standard induction motors. The High Performance motor has a much higher output than a similarly sized induction motor, enabling significant frame size reductions as well as weight savings of around 50%.

Lafert HP PM motor

The combination of technologies make the motors more efficient that Eff1 or even Premium Efficiency machines, across the whole speed range and under variable loads.

As with brushless PM motors, the rotor with surface-mounted permanent magnets, suffers no losses. Stator currents are lower, resulting in reduced temperature rises, both for the windings and for the bearings. This can eliminate the need for a cooling fan and its related losses. Together, these reduced heat outputs allow higher running speeds or extended bearing lives.

The motors will be are available for both single- and three-phase supplies with ratings from 0.75–2.2kW, 200–240V, 50/60Hz and 0.75–22kW, 380–480V 50/60Hz, respectively. They can be used with standard servo drives, when fitted with an appropriate transducer but, can also be used with sensorless drives developed by Lafert to maximise the motor’s performance and efficiencies.

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