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10 April, 2024

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Drives deliver twice the processing power

20 March, 2008

IMO has launched a new generation of Jaguar drives with twice the processing speed of their predecessors, delivering superior speed and positioning accuracy, even with rapidly changing loads. The Jaguar VXR (shown below) is available in five frame sizes from 0.37-15kW, and is aimed at applications such as mechanical handling, and fan and pump drives.

IMO Jaguar VXR

The 64MHz processor allows the drives to offer separate torque and current limiting control and to deliver 300% starting torque from 1-3Hz, making them ideal for handling overloads.

A "hit and stop" soft-stall function can be used with both deadstop and shearpin positioning applications. Deadstop provides fast, accurate control of both the "hit" and holding torque aspects of mechanical handling applications, with little bounce-back.

As well as tripless acceleration and deceleration, the drives have a "spinning motor" mode for synchronising smoothly with rotating loads. Deceleration times can also be extended to avoid over-voltage trips on high-inertia loads such as fans. IMO says that these capabilities, combined with the ability to extend control down to low speeds, make the drives ideal for starting helical rotor, peristaltic and other positive displacement pumps.

The drives are pre-programmed for rapid set-up of specific applications, such as: brake controls for lifting and indexing; two-stage PID for winding applications using dancer inputs; and multi-setpoint PIDs with sleep functions.

The drives are supplied with removable keypads, with the option of a dual-display backlit LCD keypad which can show any one of 19 parameters, such as speed, motor current, torque and input power. This display also offers plain-text programming and can show the status of the main wearing components such as fans, capacitors and PCBs. It can be programmed to provide an early warning of parts that need to be replaced.

The inverters can be used independently or networked via a bus. They come with an RS-485 port (with the option of a second), which can be set up as Modbus RTUs. Optional modules are available for DeviceNet, Profibus and CC-Link communications.

The VXR drives are available in single-phase (up to 2.2kW) and three-phase versions, all with integrated braking. As with its other Jaguar drives, IMO is offering a five-year guarantee for the new range, which has a ten-year design lifetime.

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