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10 April, 2024

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Will you rise to the EC`s Motor Challenge?
Published:  01 March, 2003

The European Commission has launched a launched a new programme which will be its main vehicle for promoting efficient motor-driven systems over the next few years. The Motor Challenge programme is a voluntary scheme in which companies using motor-driven systems - including fans, pumps and compressed air equipment - can apply for "partner" status, while those who supply the motor-driven equipment can become "endorsers".

Partners will be helped to cut their operating expenses - although exactly how this will happen is not clear yet - and will receive recognition for their efforts in helping the EU to achieve its energy and emission targets. They will be allowed to use a campaign logo (above); their names will be published on a list;and the EC will publicise some partners` achievements. Awards will be made in several categories.

The core of the programme is an action plan in which a partner commits to undertaking specific measures to reduce its energy consumption. This commitment could cover a single site, or a complete enterprise. Partners will have to submit the action plan for approval by the EC and produce annual reports reviewing their progress.

They will receive "aid, advice and technical assistance" in formulating and implementing their action plans from the EC and from local organisations in each participating country. In some countries, this body will be the national energy agency; in the UK, it is the Copper Development Association.

Equipment suppliers can help partners to define and carry out their action plans, and will be encouraged to register as "endorsers" of the Motor Challenge programme. As in the case of the partners, this commitment will be rewarded by public recognition.

The Commission estimates that the Motor Challenge programme could help to cut Europe`s electricity consumption by more than 100TWh a year.

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