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4 December, 2023

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Swedish servo is `six times smaller`

01 April, 2001

Swedish servo is `six times smaller`

A Swedish company has developed a servo motor with an integral shaft coupling, which it claims is a sixth of the size of conventional designs. The Coupmotor`s coupling connects directly to the motor drive shaft, eliminating the usual coupling housing, and saving considerably on size and weight.

The new motor, which makes is debut at this year`s Hanover Fair, has been developed by High Density Drives and is a variation on the company`s Stritorque high-torque servo motor which uses a new principle for the location of the copper and iron stator components.

The patented Coupmotor has a torque/volume ratio of "an incredible 6.8Nm/l" according to Rolf Ohlsson, the company`s marketing manager.

"Eliminating the coupling housing means there are fewer parts to be designed into the machinery of which it will form part," he adds. "This simplifies the logistics and reduces the manufacturer`s costs."

The motor, available in 62mm and 89mm lengths, produces a torque of 5Nm at 3,000 rpm - a similar figure to conventional servos six times its size. It will work with most modern drive systems. Three types of coupling are available, all with metal bellows in two different lengths. One type uses an expanding shaft; the second has a clamping screw for shaft diameters of 5-20mm; and the third has two stop screws for shafts from 6-28mm in diameter.

The Coupmotor has already aroused interest in the packaging and aerospace industries. Its small size and low heat output also make it attractive for use in clean rooms where space is limited and ventilation costs are high.

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