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24 May, 2024

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Combining power and data could cut costs by 20%

01 November, 2002

Combining power and data could cut costs by 20%

The US control networking developer Echelon has announced a transceiver that sends both power and control data over low-cost twisted-pair wiring, eliminating the need for local power supplies for devices such as sensors and actuators. The company reckons that the compact devices could cut the costs of installing automation equipment by more than 20%.

The LPT-11 transceivers are designed to fit inside equipment such as limit switches and actuators. They mark the second generation of Echelon`s "link power" technology and are said to be smaller, and cheaper to install and maintain, than the first generation. They are also claimed to be more immune to electrical interference, providing "robust" signalling, even in electrically harsh environments.

Matthew Chako, Echelon`s transceiver marketing manager, says that the new devices will fit into a wide range of sensors and actuators, while the elimination of power cable and local power supplies will result in "significant savings" for device manufacturers, systems integrators, and facility owners.

As well as targeting industrial automation applications, Echelon expects the transceivers to find uses in areas such as security, access control and lighting management.

"In a competitive market," he adds, "these savings can make the difference between winning and losing an automation project".

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