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30 November, 2023

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IEEE supports analogue sensors in digital networks

01 February, 2005

IEEE supports analogue sensors in digital networks

The US-based IEEE - the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - has created a registry to support the plug-and-play use of analogue transducers in networks containing digital sensors and actuators. The registry extends the IEEE`s recent 1451.4 standard, which establishes a system for the information that digital networks need, to identify, characterise, interface with, and use signals from, analogue sensors. It is designed to make it easier to install and maintain sensor networks.

The standard specifies TEDS (transducer electronic data sheet) formats that are embedded in chips in sensors and actuators to identify the devices and what is in their memories. It also defines templates for common devices such as accelerometers, thermocouples and strain gauges.

The IEEE`s new registry will allocate unique registration numbers (URNs) and manufacturer identification numbers for use in TEDSs. Manufacturers will be able to incorporate a 64-bit URN in every device they make, allowing each sensor used in a network to have a unique address.

The IEE will offer three types of registration: unique manufacturer`s codes for specific devices; numbers for identifying the manufacturer; and templates associated with transducers.

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