24 Jul 2024


MV converter is ‘most compact’

Siemens says its will show the most compact medium-voltage converter for 150–3,000kW applications at next month’s Hannover Fair. The air-cooled Robicon Perfect Harmony converters represent its fourth generation of MV drives and contain 15% fewer components than the previous generation.

Siemens MV converter

The converters, with output voltages from 2.3–7.2kV, control line voltages from 2.3–13.8kV at 50/60Hz. The 750kW model is 1.67m wide, 1.26m deep and 3.3m high, including its transformer.

The converters are said to be easy to install, with the transformer, power section and control combined in a single structure, reducing the need for site work.

Siemens acquired the Robicon name two years ago when it bought the US MV drives-maker whose parent had got into financial difficulties.