25 Jul 2024


Multi-role sensor processes condition-monitoring data

Balluff's multi-function condition-monitoring sensor processes measured values on board

Balluff has developed a multi-function sensor for condition-monitoring duties that monitors variables such as vibration in three axes, temperature, humidity and ambient pressure, and processes them on board. The compact, retrofittable BCM sensor supports continuous condition monitoring and allows automated sensing of limits at an “attractive” price.

The 20 x 26 x 10mm BCM sensor weighs just 30g, and can fit in tight spaces. It can monitor user-defined limits automatically, spot anomalies early, plan service and maintenance activities, and prevent unplanned stoppages. It uses IO-Link communications for parameterisation and to integrate with machinery.

The way that the sensor processes information can be tuned to an application. The content of the process data can be defined freely. Up to five types of measured or pre-processed data can be chosen and transmitted cyclically.

Pre-processing the data in the sensor gives users meaningful information and statistics for analysis and evaluation without needing any extra software or processing. For example, the sensor can output vibration data consisting of rms, average or peak-to-peak values.