25 Jul 2024


Motion control market heads for $8bn

The global market for general motional control (GMC) equipment is likely to expand at 6.7% a year over the coming five years, rising from nearly $6bn in 2007 to more than $8.2bn in 2012, according to a new study from the ARC Advisory Group. Until recently, the market has been driven by “robust” investments by manufacturers, the report says, but future growth will be slower.

According to the report’s principal author, ARC senior analyst Himanshu Shah, much of the growth is being driven by the emerging economies. “While there has been a steady demand for machinery in the highly developed regions,” he notes, “many machinery builders are experiencing unprecedented demand from developing countries, including China, India, as well as the countries of Eastern Europe.”

ARC expects capital investments in GMC systems to remain strong across many industries as manufacturers try to raise their productivity, lower their costs, and increase their return-on-investment.

Trends affecting the GMC market include the widespread adoption of safeguarding practices, and the growing role for mechatronics as machine-builders face the challenges of integrating hardware, software, and electrical components. The successful integration of these components results in better machine performance and cuts implementation costs, says ARC.