23 Jul 2024


Motion control family caters for all levels

Motion control family caters for all levels

Rexroth has launched a new generation of motion and logic controls designed to provide a complete and scalable control platform for applications ranging from simple sequencing to high-end CNC duties. The IndraMotion family includes drive-, controller- and PC-based systems, and is designed to combine ease-of-use with flexible systems integration.

Elements in the new family (shown above) include:

• combined motion and IEC 61131-3-compliant PLC platforms intended to provide transparent access to the PLC functions at the drive level, and using wizard-based parameter entry for easy set-up of motion controls;

• a CNC system (IndraMotion MTX) which combines NC and IEC 61131-3-compliant PLC functions, with simple operation of cutting and forming machine tools;

• a software package called IndraWorks for project planning, programming and parameter setting;

• a scalable hardware platform, called IndraControl L, which combines an embedded PC architecture with Rexroth`s Inline I/O system, and incorporates Ethernet, RS232, Profibus and Sercos interfaces;

• a series of HMIs, called IndraControl V, which offer scalable visualisation for applications ranging from small controller-based installations, to industrial PCs.

Rexroth has also launched a complementary new generation of modular, DIN-rail-mounting PLCs (shown above), called IndraLogic. The controllers, available in PC-based and standalone versions, use open interfaces and support the PLCopen function library, allowing drive functions to be incorporated into PLC programs. The hardware versions have built-in displays and use CompactFlash memory cards to store programs and data.

Rexroth has formed a partnership with Smart Software Solutions (3S) to provide programming and runtime environments and to continue development of its open motion logic systems.