23 Jul 2024


Mix-and-match linear guides maintain precision

NSK has developed a linear guide system that allows users to mix-and-match carriages and rails without losing precision. Previously, it says, machine-builders wanting to achieve linear axes of the highest accuracy had to use non-interchangeable paired rails and carriages.

The new PH series, which makes its debut at the EMO trade fair in Germany in September, allows carriages and rails of the same size to be combined freely. This will make it easier to build machines and to replace the guides during servicing, NSK says. The self-aligning guides will be available off-the-shelf.

The innovation has been made possible by optimising manufacturing of the guide rails and by producing the elements to tighter tolerances.

The quiet-running guides will be available with various carriage types in sizes 15–45. Options will include lubrication systems and a choice of wipers.