22 Jul 2024


Microdrives include autotuning sensorless vector mode

At the recent SPS IPC Drives show in Germany, Parker Hannifin unveiled a new family of microdrives aimed at speed or torque control applications in the power range 0.2–15kW. It claims that the AC10 drives, which come in five frame sizes, are among the smallest of their type, and offer functions normally associated with higher-specification drives.

For example, the drives include an auto-tuning sensorless vector mode, which takes them beyond simple V/Hz motor control and allows users who need dynamic speed or torque control for their applications to benefit from the drives’ 0.5% speed and 5% torque accuracies.

The drives, which operate from three-phase 400V supplies, provide output frequencies up to 650Hz, and can handle 150% overloads for 1 minute. They have integrated keypads and have been designed to reduce the time and effort required for installation, set-up and commissioning. Parker says that typical applications will include conveyors, centrifuges, fans, mixers, packaging machines and textile machines.

The energy-saving drives incorporate conformally-coated PCBs, allowing them to withstand arduous environments in which many other microdrives would struggle.

The AC10 drives will be available on 24-hour deliveries.

•  At the SPS show, Parker also announced extensions to its AC30 general-purpose drive range, which now includes ratings up to 75kW. The company is looking to extend the top rating up to 150kW. It has also added a new encoder feedback option for closed-loop applications.