23 Jul 2024


McComb succeeds Squirrell after 29 years as chairman of PIUK

New PIUK chairman, Chris McComb: continuing to build the group

Chris McComb, managing director of the Manchester-based systems integrator iTech, has succeeded Bob Squirrell as chairman of PIUK, the UK operation of the Profibus Group. Squirrel has retired after almost 30 years in the post.

“It has been a wonderful time for me,” says Squirrell. “We launched in the UK in 1993 with just seven member companies and now number around 50, having successfully weathered the storm of the Covid pandemic which brought about many changes in how organisations such as ours carried out their day-to-day business. But here we are, almost at the other side and ready to start another year of promoting the world’s most successful industrial networking standards.

“Even though retired, I will be keeping an eye on the networking world, with a great sense of pride in what PUIK and its members have achieved,” Squirrell adds. “I know that Chris is ready to carry on and extend PIUK’s influence in the networking world. He will do a great job, of that I’m confident.”

McComb states he “will endeavour to continue in Bob’s footsteps. I have known Bob for over 20 years, and he has been a foundation to our group. His leadership has forged a fantastic team, who through collaboration, support and best practice continue to support manufacturers, end-users and support organisations, such as iTech, to deliver successful and fully certified industrial network solutions across all sectors.

“It’s my plan to continue building the group through new membership and increasing the value to members with informative seminars, webinars and focussed regional events,” McComb continues. “With continual developments in our technologies, there is an abundance of support and guidance we can give.”

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