24 Jul 2024


Machine-builders join forces to offer open IIoT platform

A group of machine-builders and software developers – consisting of DMG Mori, Dürr, Software AG, Zeiss and ASM PT – have formed a strategic alliance to set a new digital standard for machine- and plant-building, based on an open, non-proprietary IIoT platform, and customised to meet the needs of machine- and plant-builders and their customers. They want to establish the platform, called Adamos (ADAptive Manufacturing Open Solutions), as a global standard for the sector and to attract other machine-builders to become partners.

Adamos will allow machine-builders to use the same central platform, but to tailor it to present their own individual IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) presence. Their customers will see a front-end customised with supplier’s own “look & feel”, while the machine-builders will retain sovereignty over their own data.

The consortium argues that Adamos will reduce machine-builders’ development costs and efforts by making centrally-developed solutions and services available to them. It will be able to run either in the cloud or on local servers.

The consortium members all have an equal stake in a company called Adamos GmbH, which will operate as a platform service and make IIoT tools and functions available to all users of the platform. Each partner will market their own Adamos portfolio independently.

The platform brings together the latest IT technologies, Industry 4.0 and industry knowledge and will allow machine-builders to offer their customers tried-and-tested solutions for digitally networked production, with minimal effort. The developers say that that the machine-builders, as well as their suppliers and customers, will benefit because Adamos offers them data autonomy and access to leading software.

The platform and more than 30 apps will be made available worldwide from 1 October, 2017. Its developers say it will be backed by 200 experts in their organisations.

“The machine- and plant-building industry has to set its own standards and drive development [for digitalisation],” argues DMG Mori CEO, Christian Thönes. “This can only work with strong partners. That is why we are offering an open network with Adamos, together with leading machine-building, production and software/IT know-how – from machine-builders for machine-builders, their suppliers and customers.”

An “App Factory” will concentrate the technological know-how and industry knowledge of the partners to allow rapid development of applications.

“As a machine-builder, we know our customers’ requirements and know what is important to them,” explains Dürr CEO, Ralf Dieter. “In the Adamos App Factory, we bring industry knowledge for intuitively-operated applications together with the design of digital marketplaces. The Adamos App Factory is a cooperation between machine-builders and software companies that is closely linked with the partners.”

From the beginning of 2018, more comprehensive applications will be made available on the cloud for activities such as planning, predictive maintenance and machine dashboards. The Adamos consortium says it will constantly be developing new IIoT applications.

“Together, we are developing technologies for the factory of the future,” says Thomas Spitzenpfeil, chief financial and information officer at Carl Zeiss. “Companies that use the IIoT applications from Adamos will be making use of innovative services and thus increase the efficiency, transparency, reliability and availability of their systems significantly.”

The growing interconnectivity of production “means that not only our customers, but also we ourselves have to change our thinking,” suggests Günter Lauber, CEO of ASM PT’s SMT solutions business, which offers workflow products for electronic manufacturing. “Through Adamos, we are combining this knowledge with leading machine-building, production and software know-how.”