23 Jul 2024


Low-cost coupling is brand new

Low-cost coupling is brand new

The couplings manufacturer Abssac has launched a new brand, based on a single-piece, flexible shaft coupling which, it claims, offers high torsional stiffness at a low cost. The new Budgetbeam coupling (shown below) is about half the price of Abssac`s comparable products.

According to managing director Simon Cattle, the new coupling`s optimised double-start design will allow it to compete directly with bellows-type couplings. It is said to use the most efficient helical beam configuration, and to provide zero backlash, and constant velocity torque transmission.

“It is as dynamic as you can get in the envelope,” Cattle suggests.

Made from low-inertia aluminium, the Budgetbeam has a maximum rated speed of 10,000 rpm and can compensate for angular, parallel and skewed misalignments.

The Budgetbeam will be available from stock in four sizes for straight-through bore diameters from 3-12mm.