23 Jul 2024


Linear motor guide challenges pneumatics

Linear motor guide challenges pneumatics

The Swiss linear motor specialist, LinMot, has come up with an alternative to pneumatic positioning guides, based on an industrial linear motor. It says that its Multi-Position Cylinder (MPC) is suitable for highly dynamic applications, and for positioning tasks requiring more than two stopping positions and no mechanical end-stops.

The MPC (shown above), which is compatible with pneumatic H-guides, can be programmed to stop at 256 different positions, with a repeatability of 0.1mm. It is available in stroke lengths from 60mm to 1.4m and is capable of delivering forces from 44-500N. It can be programmed using a PC, or “taught” the required positions by moving it manually.

The linear motor consists of just two parts and avoids the need for mechanical components such as gears, seals or dampers. Payloads can be mounted directly on the MPC, which runs on linear ball bearings. The guide protects the linear motor against sideways forces and torques.

The MPC is linked to a single-axis controller by a single cable, up to 50m long.