25 Jul 2024


Linear actuator withstands tough conditions

Rugged: Thomson Industries' Max Jac actuator

Thomson Industries has introduced a heavy-duty linear actuator designed to deliver high performance in tough environments. The IP69K-protected Max Jac actuator is built to maintain accuracy with almost no maintenance in the harshest conditions.

The actuator offers stroke lengths from 50–300mm and speeds of up to 60mm/s and has a short length compared to its stroke. It comes with analogue or digital encoder outputs, and in self-locking wormscrew or ballscrew versions.

During development, it was subjected to rigorous testing including: 500 hours of salt spray; exposure to aggressive substances such as acid, oil, grease and cleaning agents; rigorous vibration testing; and operation in temperatures from –40°C to +85°C.

Stainless-steel adapters and extension tubes help to prevent leakage. A non-contact feedback signal assures accuracy over time and eliminates the need for re-calibration.