23 Jul 2024


ISA extends and overhauls its batch standard

ISA extends and overhauls its batch standard

The ISA`s SP88 committee has started work on a new part for the widely-used ISA 88 batch control standard, as well as revising the first two parts of the standard.

The new Part 5: Modular concepts for automated control systems will define methods for developing a library of automation control components for all types of manufacturing.

“The components we want to specify will provide a base of commonly used automation functions that encourage modularity and define common methods for component interaction in batch continuous and discrete manufacturing,” explains Dennis Brandl, who chairs the SP88 committee.

A Part 5 working group has been set up with the aim of standardising the terminology, and defining methods for: describing and identifying the modular components; exchanging component definitions; and intercommunicating between components. The group aims to include any PackML packaging application guidelines that are consistent with Part 5.

In a separate move, The SP88 committee has formed a working group to update the first two parts of the ISA 88 standard which cover models, terminology, data structures, and guidelines for languages. According to Brandl, the group “will clarify issues that have come up over the past several years”.

The changes may include terminology clarifications, documenting how the standard is applied in discrete and continuous manufacturing, and enhanced definitions of equipment and control modules.

The ISA has updated its Web site to provide previews of its standards and provide a better understanding of its activities.