24 Jul 2024


Is this the largest synchronous servo motor?

Is this the largest synchronous servo motor?

GE Fanuc has launched a synchronous servo motor with the claim that it is world`s most powerful. The machine, which incorporates rare-earth magnets, has a rated output of 100kW and delivers a continuous torque of 900Nm, with maximum ratings of 200kW and 1,700Nm.

The GE Fanuc 1000 AC servo motor is intended for applications such as injection moulding machines and presses. It uses twin amplifier controls based on a compact, 400V servo amplifier.

The motor is being produced by Fanuc in a new factory in Japan which has the capacity to manufacture 50,000 servo and spindle motors a month. The plant uses around 250 robots to handle almost every aspect of production, including inspection.