25 Jul 2024


Is Siemens planning to sell off its large drives business?

Siemens’ Large Drives Applications portfolio includes high-voltage motors with efficiencies approaching 99%

Siemens is spinning off its large drives applications (LDA) business as a separate legal entity, before possibly selling the operation or forming a partnership with another company. According to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, the creation of LDA as a separate entity could be the first step towards divestiture. The operation is one of several businesses that Siemens has said it wants to improve or sell off.

A Siemens spokesman told Handelsblatt that LDA has “performed very well in recent months” and that making it a separate entity will give it “additional autonomy and entrepreneurial freedom so that it can focus even better on its markets and customers”.

LDA supplies heavy-duty drives systems for applications such as mines, rolling mills, cement production and ships. Its portfolio includes high- and medium-voltage motors and converters in ratings up to 100MW or more, as well as generators, non-standard low-voltage motors (including flameproof and water-cooled types) and related services.

In one recent project, it is suplying a 105MW two-pole motor-generator to an energy storage plant in China.  

The business employs more than 7,000 people worldwide, including around 2,200 in Germany. Some 700 work at the Dynamowerk plant in Berlin which dates back to 1906, making it the oldest manufacturing plant in Siemensstadt. The plant produces HV motors up to 70MW, generators up to 75MVA and special machines weighing up to 650 tonnes with outputs up to 100MW.

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