25 Jul 2024


IP55 vector drives have built-in 10,000-step PLCs

At the recent SPS IPC Drives show in Germany, the Taiwanese automation manufacturer Delta announced a range of IP55-protected vector control variable-speed drives for fan, pump and water treatment applications. The CFP2000 VSDs span ratings from 0.75–90kW and come with built-in EMC filters, DC chokes, real-time clocks and 10,000-step PLCs.

The drives can control both induction and permanent magnet motors. They can manage up to four pumps simultaneously. In HVAC applications, the sensorless vector control adjusts the motor output automatically, based on the torque conditions, thus reducing energy consumption, improving motor performance, and extending service lives. The auto-tuning facility also eliminates vibration in mechanical systems caused by sudden starts and stops, as well as providing protection when momentary power losses or variable loads are encountered.

A fire mode allows the drive to bypass alarms in ventilation applications. If a fire occurs, the drive will continue to operate to extract smoke or supply water, until it fails or runs out of emergency power.

The drives support BACnet and Modbus as standard. Optional cards are available to support Modbus TCP, Profibus DP and Ethernet/IP.

The drives comply with STO/SIL2, while their IP55 dust and water protection means that they can be used outside of cabinets. Their PCBs are coated to protect them from the effects of salt and gases such as SO2 and H2S.