22 Jul 2024


Integrated servomotors incorporate EtherCat ports

One of Dunkermotoren's integrated brushless DC servomotors

Dunkermotoren has announced a range of compact brushless DC servomotors with integrated control electronics and EtherCat connections. There are ten models with power ratings from 50–500W in square frames with sizes ranging from 45–75mm.

The motors are compatible with the CANopen-over-EtherCat (CoE) system, which combines CANopen’s standardised DS402 motion profile with the real-time high-performance EtherCat fieldbus.

The all-in-one motor-plus-drive design eliminates the need for external drives and cuts the number of cables needed, improving reliability and performance, as well as cutting commissioning times and system costs.

The modular system can incorporate planetary and worm gearboxes, integral or connected absolute encoders, and brakes.

Dunkermotoren was acquired in 2012 by Ametek Precision Motion Control for around €250m.