22 Jul 2024


Integrated servo motor is no bigger than normal

Integrated servo motor is no bigger than normal

A Danish company specialising in servo and stepper motors with built-in electronics, has launched a pair of AC servos with integral drivers and controllers which, it claims, are no larger than standard servos.

JVL`s 400W and 750W MAC servo motors incorporate Hall sensors, encoders, power supplies, drivers, an RS-232/485 interface, and positioning controllers. Yet the 750W version, which delivers up to 2.4Nm, is just 175mm long.

JVL says that the integrated construction: saves cabinet space; avoids interference being induced in long cables; reduces cabling errors; cuts the number of components needed by 30%; and makes servicing easier.

Velocity and torque can be controlled either digitally or via ±10V analogue inputs. Users only need to adjust one parameter – a “load factor” which depends on the system inertia. The greater the load on the motor, the greater the load factor. For expert users, there is a software package that can fine-tune complex, damped systems.

The motors accommodate expansion modules, including Profibus DP and CAN interfaces, a high-speed RS-485 interface for multi-axis applications, and a nano-PLC that can position on the basis of eight optically isolated inputs. JVL estimates that this module could handle 80% of all positioning applications.

Other modules are being developed including Ethernet, DeviceNet and USB interfaces, as well as Bluetooth and wireless LAN modules for wireless data transmission.