25 Jul 2024


Integrated DC motors offer a choice of control systems

The French motor manufacturer Crouzet has announced a new generation of high-performance DC brushless motors, with output power ratings from 34–192W and a choice of two integrated electronic control systems.

The DCmind motors offer high power densities and built-in functions for speed, torque and positioning control. Their nominal operating speeds are from 3,000–4,000 rpm.

There are two main ranges. The TNi21 version (above) provides speed and torque control with peak outputs up to 250W and nominal torque ratings up to 0.45Nm. The motors – available in nominal ratings of 60, 80 and 140W – are ready-to-use without needing any settings and operate from 12–32V supplies. They have four inputs and three outputs.

The second range (SMi21) offers position, speed and torque control for peak outputs up to 400W and nominal torque ratings up to 0.57Nm. The motors are available in nominal output ratings of 92, 105 or 170W and support up to 64,000 positions via analogue inputs.

The motors are also available in worm and planetary geared motor versions (above) with nominal output powers from 50–140W, nominal speeds from 1–600 rpm and nominal torque ratings up to 120Nm.

Freely downloadable software is available to accompany the DCmind motors and provides two programming modes. In the first mode (called “application”), the user chooses only those parameters relating to a particular application and downloads a program to the motor via USB. The settings can be fine-tuned using an expert program.

In the second mode (“expert”), the user can configure all of the motor functions (position, speed, acceleration, current and so on) before downloading the program to the motor via USB.