23 Jul 2024


Inline helical planetary gears out-perform spur gears

Stober's planetary gearboxes are available by themselves or integrated with motors (left)

Stober has announced a range of inline planetary gearboxes and geared motors with helical gearing which, it claims, are the first in their product and price categories. Compared to standard spur gear systems, the compact ServoFit PE gearboxes are said to deliver lower noise levels and smoother operation at a similar price.

The gearboxes come in various sizes from 55–145mm2 in single- or two-stage versions with torque ratings up to 300Nm, and in ratios up to 100:1. The single-piece (monobloc) housings have integral adapters for mounting servo or stepper motors, and zero-backlash clamp couplings.

The gearboxes are also available integrated with synchronous servomotors to form planetary geared motors (SMS PE-EZ) that are said to be small, lightweight and quiet running. The integrated design avoids the need for the usual connecting coupling.