25 Jul 2024


Industrial cameras are ‘smallest’ with C-mounts and housings

IDS says its C-mount industrial cameras are the smallest standard format systems available

IDS (Imaging Development Systems) says that its latest machine vision cameras are the smallest available with housings and C-mounts. The uEye+ XCP cameras measure 29 x 29 x 17mm and have a closed zinc die-cast housing with a screwable USB Micro-B connector. They have “cost-optimised” electronics and are compatible with common lenses, making them suitable for price-sensitive applications.

The cameras are aimed at users who are more interested in budget-friendly, compact, lightweight industrial cameras, than high-level machine vision systems. They can be used, for example, to provide visual support for robots, to guide autonomous vehicles, or for analysis tasks in laboratories.

Initially, the cameras will be available with 2.3 megapixel shutter sensors or 5MP rolling shutter sensors. Other types of will follow. Support for USB3 and Vision Standard compatibility (U3V/GenICam), means that the cameras can be integrated easily into image processing systems. They can be used with any suitable software, but they are particularly well-matched to IDS’ peak software development kit.

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