23 Jul 2024


Inductive position sensors offer high resolutions

At this month’s Sensor+Test exhibition in Germany, AB Elektronik is launching a position sensing technology that, it says, combines high accuracy with “infinite” resolution. The contactless IndiSense sensors work on an inductive principle, thus avoiding the wear problems of carbon-track systems.

The sensors consists of modular fixed and moving elements which together detect phase shifts, and can interpret actual position as well as changes in position. The analogue devices can use a modular digital interface when needed. 

The sensors can operate at high speeds over linear, curved or complex geometries. They can be sealed and used for applications in harsh conditions, including wet and dusty environments. The magnet-free technology resists radio frequency and other electromagnetic interference. 

“The IndiSense is a great example of how our engineers have tackled a difficult problem and developed an innovative solution”, says Phillip Joyce, AB Elektronik’s global business development director. “We thrive on challenges and expect IndiSense to find its way into some high-profile applications.”

AB Elektronik is the sensor division of the TT electronics Group. It operates from bases in the UK, Germany, India and China. In 2010, AB grew by 36%.