23 Jul 2024


IMO aims to be a global components supplier

IMO aims to be a global components supplier

IMO Precision Controls has set itself the goal of becoming a global supplier of electrical and electronic components. Following its 1999 alliance with Farnell which made its products available worldwide, IMO has set up a subsidiary in Germany, formed a joint venture in Italy, and is looking to expand in Benelux and Scandinavia.

“We are determined to take IMO onto the global stage,” declares commercial manager Andy Brereton. This includes setting up an e-commerce operation in the US.

IMO is also determined avoid a repetition of its earlier experiences when Omron and Control Techniques, whose products it had distributed, decided to sell direct. “We have invested to move from being an exclusive distributor for other brands to being a proprietary supplier,” explains managing director Fausto Furlotti.

The company`s tactics include taking stakes in some of its suppliers, investing in tooling for sub-contractors, buying time on manufacturers` production lines, and developing its own products. For example, it has taken stakes in the Gloucestershire signal conditioning supplier, Industrial Interface, and the Staffordshire operator interface specialist Waterside.

IMO has also upgraded its 18-month-old Web presence to integrate order processing, to offer electronic invoicing and payments, and to allow barcode entries. “We`re ahead of the game,” Brereton contends.