24 Jul 2024


Hydraulic clamp and brake has a failsafe action

The German couplings specialist KTR has developed a passive clamping system that can clamp both axial forces and torque. In emergencies, it is even able to act as a brake.

The hydraulically-driven KTR-Stop NC system is designed to clamp the shafts of ballscrew drives, linear drives or bar guides, to hold tool tables and workpieces in place. The clamping is said to increase the system stiffness and to reduce vibrations, helping to ensure manufacturing accuracy.

In addition, the system offers a failsafe function: if there is an unplanned loss of hydraulic pressure or an engine failure, the device assumes the function of a brake and closes within milliseconds.

The compact, rugged device can be used between a motor and spindle, or as a plug-in system at the end of the spindle. By absorbing axial loads, it can protect the drivetrain from damage.

The clamping and brake system is available for shaft diameters from 18–25mm. It offers a maximum holding torque of 110Nm, and a maximum holding force of 8.8kN. The 5.5kg device measures 96 x 96 x 86mm. Further sizes with higher performance levels are planned.