23 Jul 2024


Hybrid bearing rolls and slides

The plastic bearings specialist igus has developed a new breed of hybrid linear bearing that both rolls and slides. Called the DryLin WJRM, the bearing reduces driving forces significantly and is aimed at applications that combine sliding and rolling movements, such as light handling tasks and machine guards, doors, partitions and locks.

The main load of up to 50kg is carried by the maintenance-free plastic roller bearing, while the plastic sliders compensate for any lateral forces. The driving forces are said to be reduced by a factor of between four and five.

The lubricant-free plastic sliding plain bearings ensure the lightweight hybrid linear system is robust, and is not affected by dirt or humidity.

The hybrid linear bearing is based on igus’ DryLin W modular linear guides which have aluminium profiles and diecast zinc housings. The roller fits inside without increasing the standard 18mm width. The guide profiles are available in three styles for 10mm diameter shafts – as individual rails for a flexible guiding distance, or as double rails with centre spacing of 40 or 80mm which allow self-aligning for speedy installation.