23 Jul 2024


High-speed HMIs target £250m market

High-speed HMIs target £250m market

Mitsubishi has launched a new generation of high-speed, high-resolution HMIs, designed to target Europe`s £250m HMI market, which is growing by 4.9% a year. Over the coming two years, the ratio of HMIs sold to PLCs, is expected to double from 4:1 to 2:1.

The touchscreen market is particularly buoyant with sales growing at 15.1% a year. Touchscreen sales are soon expected to be double those of conventional displays.

Mitsubishi`s new E1000 HMIs (which will replace the earlier E700/710/900/910 models) are based on a 400MHz Intel XScale RISC processor. They use the Windows CE.NET operating system and incorporate 32MB of Flash memory and 64MB of RAM. Using an internal CompactFlash card, the memory can be expanded to 1GB.

Communications drivers are available for more than 100 products – including PLCs, servos and inverters – from Mitsubishi and other suppliers.

“The speed of the E1000`s processor, and its multitasking ability, allow it to optimise the polling times, meaning that the data presented will always be up-to-date, even with complex images and multiple PLC and data sources,” says Jeff Whiting, Mitsubishi`s commercial communications manager.

“CE.NET gives up the potential to use standard embedded technologies, and for straightforward implementation of third- party products and drives,” Whiting adds. Mitsubishi is developing more third-party implementations, guided by user requests.

The HMIs have built-in Web servers and email functions for remote operation, and incorporate Ethernet, RS-232, -285, -422, and USB ports. They are initially available in three screen sizes from 6.5-15 inches, with more models on the way.