23 Jul 2024


‘Ground-breaking’ machine vision tech sets new benchmarks

SilC’s Eyeonic vision system is based on silicon photonics chips

A Californian company has launched what it claims is the most compact and powerful coherent machine vision system available, with the highest resolution and precision, and the longest operating range. SiLC Technologies says its Eyeonic Vision System sets new benchmarks, delivering the highest levels of vision perception to identify and avoid objects with extremely low latency, even at distances of 1km or more.

At the heart of the system is a silicon photonics chip. With around 10 milli-degrees of angular resolution and mm-level precision, it provides more than ten times the definition and precision of existing LiDAR systems. This enables the sensor to measure the shape and distance of objects with high precision at long distances. The compact, flexible architecture enables synchronisation of multiple vision sensors for unlimited points/second. Uniquely, it can also provide polarisation information.

SilC says that the system will also reduce time-to-market for manufacturers seeking to incorporate machine vision into their products. It is aimed at applications such as robotics, autonomous vehicles and smart cameras.

“Our goal is to change the status quo for machine vision,” says SiLC’s founder and CEO, Mehdi Asghari. “When bringing vision to machines, the criticality of ranging precision, direct monitoring of motion through instantaneous velocity, spatial resolution for recognition of fine features, and polarisation for material detection, cannot be understated. Our ground-breaking technology will empower the next generation of machine vision applications with bionic vision that will exceed that of humans and yet be compact, cost-effective and power-efficient.

“SiLC is poised to accelerate time-to-market for leaders in the machine vision arena looking to bring unparalleled vision to their applications in the future,” Asghari adds.

SiLC was founded in 2018 by silicon photonics industry veterans with decades of product development and manufacturing experience. Its 4D+ Eyeonic Chip integrates all of the photonics functions needed to enable a coherent vision sensor, offering a tiny footprint while addressing the need for low cost and low power. Investors in SiLC include Dell, Sony and Epson.

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