22 Jul 2024


German power transmission firm sets up shop in the UK

The German mechanical power transmission specialist Ringfeder has set up a UK operation, located in Warrington, including a warehouse for time-sensitive spare parts. Adrian Birkin has been appointed area manager for the UK – Ringfeder’s second-largest market in Europe. Birkin has more than 20 years of experience, most recently with the belts and hose manufacturer, Pix.

Ringfeder CEO Thomas Moka is convinced that the UK will become even more important for his company in the future. He says that the high levels of technical know-how, combined with access to Commonwealth markets, make the UK one of the most significant future factors for Ringfeder’s global business.

“Be it India or Australia, or the good connections in the US, UK companies are the best place to turn to when it comes to plant engineering, mining and conveyance as well as traditional machine construction,” he says.

As well as Ringfeder’s clamping and locking devices, the UK operation will also handle its couplings brands – Tschan and Gerwah. Birkin regards Tschan’s TNR adjustable shaft couplings, in particular, as being a “door-opener” for attracting new customers. The TNR’s parameters can be can be adjusted over a wide range, while its outer dimensions stay the same. It is said to allow smoother start-ups than conventional torsional elastic shaft couplings.

Ringfeder is part of the Swedish VBG Group, which already has a site in Warrington. “The existing infrastructure will certainly be beneficial to us, but we will also have our own warehouse and back-office right from the start,” says Moka.