23 Jul 2024


General motion sales will hit $7.8bn by 2011

The global market for general motion control (GMC) will reach $7.8bn by 2011, representing an expansion of about 7% a year, according to a new study from the ARC Advisory group. The report suggests that this growth is being fuelled by increasing demand from the expanding economies of Asia, and by the growing use of GMC in the packaging and semiconductor industries.

“Modular drive and motor components have enabled a step change in machine design, allowing OEMs to improve on traditional designs in a myriad of ways,” says ARC analyst Stefan Surpitski, the report’s principal author. “This technology has afforded machine-builders a great deal more flexibility in design.”

Packaging machinery builders are turning to GMC to help make their machines more flexible to respond rapidly to market changes, and to maximise the machinery`s utilisation during its lifetime, ARC reports. Packaging machinery is thus displaying a convergence of robotics, GMC technologies, and vision systems, making it easier to commission, configure, and adapt to variations in production requirements.

The general motion market is also benefiting from an annual growth in capital expenditure of more than 11% in the semiconductor industry. GMC systems – many of them high-value, custom-engineered installations – are a core element in the machinery used to produce semiconductor components, which needs to deliver high precision and dynamic performance.